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   Agaricus Brazei Murill
   Amazon Herb
   Best Health foods
   Certified Organic food
   Guarana, Maca,Energy
   Herbs, Vitamin, Minaral
   Ipe roxo , Taheebo
   Natural Foods, Nuts
   Royal Jelly, Honey Line
   Tea (Herb, Fruit, Flowers)

   Aloe Vera Cosmetic
   Beauty & Cosmetic
   Best Cosmetic
   Hygiene & Other
   Jurua Prodact
   Soap & Shampoo

   Bags & Leathers
   Brasil Fashion
   Brazilian Food
   CD, DVD e Music
   Coffee and Cacao
   Gifts and Souvenirs
   Home Utilities
   Musical instrument
   Semiprecious Stones
   Soccer Ball. T-Shirts
   Wine, Drinks

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ExpoBrazil.com - shopping
Our main goal is to promote and sell (export) Brazilian products in foreign lands, such as Japan, USA, Latin America, Europe, and others. All webpages are presented in four languages: Portuguese, English, Japanese, and Spanish, allowing easy access for foreign buyers in a wide range of market for Brazilian products.

ExpoBrazil shopping is a new way to purchase Brazilian products through Internet, working as a link between foreign buyers and Brazilian supplyers. All products are sent directly from Brazil, through the post office (Easy Export), or through an international transportation company. The customer receives the order as a low price personal import (with tax exemption), or as a sample of commercial import.

Price policy
All prices of products displayed in this site in US$, Yen or Euro are automatically converted, according to the daily exchange rate. The price of your purchase is defined by the exchange rate of the day in which the order is placed.

The prices for the products are based in the retail price table for low price personal imports (aproximately US$100,00), subject to the exemption limits - which vary from country to country. When dealing with commercial imports, samples, or high price purchases, we are able to consider discounts from 5% up to 20%.
As soon as we receive an order, we send a confirmation e-mail to the buyer, including the final transportation price, as well as the percentage of discounts to be considered..

Companies interested in exporting to Brazil
The ExpoBrazil Team advises foreign companies that are interested in exporting (promote and sell)their products from their country to Brazil.

- The management of ExpoBrazil is looking for potential partners who would work in their countries as a local contact and assistance.

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