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   Best Health foods
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   Tea (Herb, Fruit, Flowers)

   Beauty & Cosmetic
   Soap & Shampoo

   Brazilian Food
   Coffee and Cacao
   Gifts and Souvenirs
   Home Utilities
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   Soccer Ball. T-Shirts

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How to order products
ExpoBrazil.com Shopping - Sales (export) of Brazilian products for foreign countries.
1. You can browse the site ExpoBrazil.com for produts, categories or special offers and add them to your Cart
2. The chosen products stay in the Shopping Cart. To conclude an order, click on Go to checkout (red), and your order will be displayed.
3. Inform the number (quantity) of items you desire and hit the recalculate amounts button. Click Send Order.
4. If this is your first purchase, fill in the form with your personal information and click Send Order.

The system will automatically send you a confirmation e-mail, with your password.

Concluding an order - Signed Up Customers - Password
After sending your order, you can print it (if you would like to) and you will receive a confirmation e-mail and your password (required from the second purchase on). Our management will contact you via e-mail to carry out your order and define the best ways of payment and delivery.

From the Second Order On:
After the successful conclusion of your First Order, you will receive a password to the site. With this password, the placing of new orders and the access to the history of orders is easy and fast. From the second order on, the e-mail address which you have signed up in your first order will be required to carry out the purchase.

Payment Options

In the ExpoBrazil.com Shopping, placing an order does not mean confirming your purchase. After receiving the order, we send an e-mail containing information such as delivery deadline and total price (including transportation). At this point, your order can still be cancelled without any expenses, in case one desires to do so.
The options for billing and type of transportation are made in the form, but, if desired, they can be negociated directly with our management, through e-mail. Each case is a case, and we will be happy to assist you in your needs and wants.
Our most popular payment options are bank deposit and credit card billing (in US$).

Buyer in Brazil or Payment in Brazil:
For a customer in Brazil, sending gifts to another country, the billing system is the same, the payment can be carried out through bank deposit (or transfer) or payment order in Itaś Bank.

The most popular options for delivery are the post office (Easy Export Delivery, regular or express), or an international transportation company. The deadline for delivery varies according to the country.
1. Regular tariff, the delivery deadline varies from 10 to 30 days.
2. Express tariff, the delivery deadline varies from 5 to 7 days.
3. International Transpotation Company, the delivery deadline varies from 3 to 6 days.
4. Commercial Import, (bigger weight), we study each case with both the customer and the intl. transportation company.

Delivery Price Table is available in this site (Left side, right below Categories, see Delivery Table)

Cancellation, Refund and Warranty
1. With the ExpoBrazil.com Shopping System, an order can be cancelled anytime (except after its confirmation), free of expenses.
2. In case of receiving a product that is damaged or incomplete, the buyer has 8 days to get in touch with ExpoBrazil.com Shopping and communicate the problem. After this, the client chooses either the sending of a new product or the total refund of the money.

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