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2013 - Propolis Wax-Free80 Polenectar /30ml

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Propolis Wax-Free80 Polenectar /30ml


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US$ 28.00

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Propolis Polenectar
Ingredients: Propolis (including "GREEN" Propolis) and Extra Neuter Cereal Alcohol.

Brazilian Propolis is known as one of the best Propolis in the world, because it is produced in a country with a rich climatic range and vegetation, resulting in the production of unique types of Propolis, with various different compounds each. Polenectar researched the flora from different locations of Brazil and the characteristics of Propolis produced in each one of them, studying the best combination of these raw materials to be used in the preparation of a High Quality Product. For this reason, was developed a product with very low alcohol content, free of waxes and SUPER CONCENTRATED: Propolis Extract Polenectar – Wax Free 80 – Green. An exclusive formula created to attend the most demanding consumer, Propolis Extract Polenectar™ Wax Free 80 has on its composition a superior concentration of Propolis when compared to other Propolis Extracts.

Ingredients: Propolis (including "GREEN" Propolis) and Extra Neuter Cereal Alcohol.

, one should take 20 to 30 drops, twice or three times a day. Children should take 10 to 20 drops, twice a day.
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