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2012 - Propolis Polenectar 43%/30ml

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Propolis Polenectar  43%/30ml


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US$ 16.80 / 15.00

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Propolis Polenectar (brix range 43%)
This product is very concentrated and, because of the low percentage of alcohol, its doesnt burn when applied to wounds. Propolis 43% can be used for skin problems, as it is highly cicatrizing, and has immediate results. In practice it is more efficient than Merthiolate, because it also desinfects the area, removing any possibility of contamination. When used for serious cicatrizing wounds, specially in diabetics, it has proved very effective.It is also excellent for treating hemorrhoids and almost all skin diseases, such as: acne, aphtha, gingivitis, burning, herpes, chilblain, urticaria, insect bites and also for cicatrizing scratches, cuts and bruises, especially in children. This product accelerates the external and internal cicatrizing process from any kind of surgery, such as mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestine, etc.
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